Spanking a man is new for me. I don’t usually put a male over my knee and paddle his ass, but I loved it. He wiggled and screamed the moment I made impact. I caught him by surprise.

Soaking my hands in ice water, the pain was intense. When I do something, I do it right. I caught this man, well, boy. He was in my panty drawer again and playing with all those lacy undergarments that I warned him about. The fool even left a stain of cum on the satin ones. I will never get those clean now.
Stunned, I scream for him to stop, but even when I asked, he wouldn’t. That was when I had to take his ass in my own hands and punish him.

“Over my knee for you spanking!”

He did as told, laying bare bottomed across my lap. I am not one who usually do this, but I loved it. Wiggling his ass, telling me about how many times he came in my panties. Each pair described in detail, I felt myself getting so upset. That’s when the first strike of my hands happened.

“Oh fuck, Arianna, you hurt me!

Of course I did. This wasn’t playtime for me. He was being punished like the bad boy he was. One, two, three, ten, forty. My hand wouldn’t stop beating his ass. At one point I slapped his balls and a shot of cum ran down my leg. He came from an ass whipping.
I love a good spanking for myself, bit I also want to give them. Are you waiting for me to paddle your ass? Make sure to bend over my knees and cry for me. Tears make this act a lot more intense and they also make me cum so damn hard.