sex club

No questions asked sex club is the newest rage. Why? Because the possibilities are endless there. You can find toys of every size and shape. A friend of me invited over the weekend, and I was a little more than stunned. I would share pictures, but these would be way to explicit for the normal sector of life.

Upon entry to the exclusive club, we had to give a large amount of money to the man at the door. At first I thought this was odd, but the moment we walked in, I knew why. There were patrons and workers of every size and shape there. Some participating, some serving. One woman was bound in the middle of the floor. Her hands tied high above her head, her legs spread and tied to the floor.

This sex club wild.

Men bent over, and women with strap-on. Daddy’s and daughters, and even Mom’s and sons. Some of the patrons were not only freaks, but exhibitionist. I stopped when I seen something that caught my eye. She was small and beautiful. Her hair the color of the sun, her eyes held the contrast of the ocean. I have never seen something so stunning. Even the makeup on her face was perfect, though she seemed to small to be wearing any. Her “father” walked her through the club on a leash.
She caught my attention right away. Taking pictures, I know that I shouldn’t, but I had to. I’ve never seen anything like it. I thought this kind of thing only happened in the dirty movies.
She went behind closed doors with Daddy and a very large black male. I feared for her. She was so small. If you pay extra, you can watch what happens through a two way mirror. I gave them the money and watched in awe.Though I can’t tell you here what happened to the petite girl. I can share it in private. Ask me about the night at the sex club, and I will shock you with details.