sex club

Have you ever been to a sex club? How about one that is so taboo that you fear for your sanity? I have visited such place. Even spent the evening people watching. I like to do that at times.

Sitting in a corner booth, I watched as the fresh meat walked in. Young, sweet, and innocent. Well, that’s what they claimed, but I can sniff a whore from a mile away. Most of this tender flesh was well lubricated and used. It doesn’t matter to some, but to me, I am the type who enjoys pain.
I focused on a small redhead. Her skin the color of snow with a bridge of freckles on her nose. She was purity at it’s finest. I could smell her cunt from 10 feet away. She would be a wildcat in bed. I wandered for a moment what those thighs looked like stained with blood. I bet she would be fresh for the slaughter.
Paying my dues to be there when it happened. Purchased by a large male, I knew this would be a voyeurs dream. I am the kind that likes to paint a mental picture frame by frame.


This sex club was extraordinary.

The room small, his presence loomed over her body in destructive stance. She shivered and begged, but that was fueling the fire. He was like me. Someone who enjoyed pain for sexual pleasure. Even through verbal excitement I was already soaking wet. Knowing once the scent of blood filled the room intoxication would take over.
I took my corner seat and watched her mouth stretch as his cock face fucked her. She cried, her saliva running down her soft belly. For a second I felt as though I should stop it, but I was drunk on her fear. Shot for shot, he tilted the words and actions as though they were a bottle.
In the end I got the blood I desired in the sex club. Painting my cunt with the crimson delight and left for a party of my own. I have tiny creatures to play with at home. I do love to sin.