Wanton, wicked, and wild, let the games begin. Secret confessions have always been an indulgence of mine. When the world around us closes in, who do you got to for help? Arianna, of course.

Are you an avid reader of Penthouse forum, Hustler letters, or Dear playboy adviser? Guess what? So am I. I have always snuck this magazine just to read the stories and worries of others. I know, why sneak? Well, I have been doing it since I was in my very tender years. How else could I learn so much about all you naughty boys and girls?

Once a week I will address questions from all my fans. Men and Women are welcome to submit anything from a confession to a question. Email is AriannaSecretConfessions@gmail.com. No questions will be turned away, but if they’re too racy for the website, I will reply to them in private. We can’t have the internet rangers breathing down our necks.

Secret Confessions always come out in the light.

I bet that wife never understands you? Does your girlfriend refuse to entertain your need for strap-on play? How about Daddy’s little girl. Did she start wearing sexy outfits when her Mom is gone? So many secrets, and so much more.

Sample Questions include:

What is the best lube for jacking off?

What kind of cock ring do you suggest?

How can I seduce my stepdaughter?

Oh, the possibilities are endless when we share those dirty little secrets together. Share your secret confessions and I will make sure to give you some dirty advice.

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