Priest – Choirboy, the relationship started off as this innocent conversation about homosexuality. Over the years has the church changed its views of same-sex affairs or love? Will he go to hell for this, or should he try one of those places his parents suggested. The pray the gay away camps?

“Father, if I prefer men over women, does that mean I will rot in hell for an eternity?”

The boy sat there still in his robe. He was trembling at his own words. What if, well what if he said yes? The Priest shook his head in a downward movement that would claim to be a yes. So he was going to hell for his actions? The human species has to mate to survive. Two males or two females cannot create a child.

Priest – Choirboy is not the traditional form of reformatting, but it works.

The Priest stripped him of the robe, put the bible in front of him, and forced the word of God into the tightness of his ass. Screaming out a bible verse for each stroke, his ass was the first place to get the word of God stuffed deep inside.

“Sir, am I cured now?”

Of course, you can’t pray the gay away, or even fuck it out of someone. It’s something you are born with. Next was his blessing and communion. Forced to get on his knees, the Priest – choirboy went to a new level. Covered in fresh fuck ass juices, the Elder pushed his cock into the boy’s mouth, a hand on the back of his head. It was to ensure he did not move. Stroke for stroke, the Man of the cloth prayed for his soul, telling the younger man that he was curing him. He would need to suck the seed of Christ from him and take the holy communion.