What is Pornography? Defined as: printed or visual material containing the explicit description. Or display of sexual organs or activity. Intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

We all have a little bit of an addiction to the forbidden. It is human nature to want something your not suppose to have. Most know when to stop, but there are some that are addicts. They can’t control their needs for the filth and smut that porn provides.

Can you blame someone for a Pornography addiction?

We live in a high stress world. Bills to pay, mouths to feed, someone always wants something. Is it wrong to need a little relief from time to time? Not at all. That afternoon jerk off in the bathroom at work can make the rest of the day productive.
Calling from the office during lunch hour. Can it enable you to keep your mind and hands off the Interns ass as she walks by. There are so many reasons why a sexual afternoon delight should be available to all. People who engage in sex are happier, healthier, and well adjusted in the work place. A phone sex girl should be on you weekly budget for yourself. Your wife might not like it, but she will be happy to know that you can function better getting it.
For a woman to accept your needs you need to explain it to her. It’s not that you don’t love or respect her, but your sex drive comes at the most inopportune moments. If your allowed to release the stress, you will become a better mate for her.

Oral specialists can guide your hand and your mind.

I am a firm believer that what happens on the phone, stays on the phone. Pornography included in that. Voice control orgasms are not cheating.