Peeping toms and summer vacation. Both seem to go hand in hand for the perverts out there.

Dear Arianna,

I know this might sound bad, but I have a huge crush on the girl-next-door. She is at the age where she dresses like a little slut now, and I’ve even watched her slip out of the window at night. About 2 am each night she leaves her house and usually fucks someone in their car. I only know this because I can see it all from my bedroom window.

Being an older man, this gets my cock harder than my wife ever has. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. Is it wrong to blackmail her with this evidence so I can get some of that sweetness too?


Perverts need love too.

Joe, this is not a black and white issue. So many men go crazy over summer break. Little girls running around in the least amount of clothing. Pool parties that you can watch. Some of these girls even have the nerve to practice cheer routines on their front lawn.

Let me explain to you why they do it. All these little whores in training want your attention. They have the boys at school wrapped around their fingers, but the boys have no money. What they need is an older man to play sugar daddy and spoil them.

I suggest that you take this little girl shopping and spoil her like a sugar baby. Force her to try on the outfits, and if she says no, use all that evidence against her. You are the one in charge here. Make her know she is now submissive to your wants and needs. When you fuck her, and you will make sure to get pictures of it all. You will always have leverage if you do.

Perverts don’t grow on trees, but they do come play with me.

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