over the knee spanking

Over the knee spanking is not only for the little ones. I have loved a good ass beating since I was a teen. I still remember the last time my Father paddled my fat ass.

When I say paddled, I mean with his hand. He has always preferred to use a large firm hand over wooden board. To be completely honest, I love his hands. Nothing bruises a little girl better than her Daddy’s fingers. Plus, the after effects of the spanking have me wet and ready right now.

This weekend I showed my niece how to please her father, and it was so hot. She got her report card on Friday, and it was less than pleasing. I knew that my brother would be mad and I wanted her to show him that she understands. Punishment is how a little’s shown love.

Over the knee spanking turns me on.

Bathed and ready, I took her into his office. He had the report card right in front of him. His face gave light to how this would go. With her panties tied at her knees, I pushed her over his lap. His cock was already hard. I could see the outline in his pants, and wished it was for me. Jealousy is a nasty beast, so I wanted him to spank her nice and hard. She needs to know a red ass is a privilege, not a right.




My niece took the ass beating and cried out each time. Her ass wiggled and on the last strike, he pushed a finger inside. Anal sex was something I knew was coming, but she didn’t. Well, not sex, but fingering the asshole during the over the knee spanking. I couldn’t help but rub my pussy while this happened. I will always be a no limits woman.