I am a bondage whore and I don’t like to forget that. Since things are closing back down, I am sitting here reminiscing. Looking forward to being a pet to my master. One of my favorite times with him is about a year ago. He calls me over and lets me know what to where and to meet him at the door on my knees. Excited, I follow the precise instructions. My fishnets and that is it, well my pink belt.

I tried to call my master. I have a deep craving to be a bondage whore.

He knocks at the door and opens it. I am awaiting him with my hands up and my head down. He pulls my chin up and kisses my lips and whispers “good girl”. My cunt is aching already. This man knows how to make me swell and have a constant craving for his affection. He brings with him some goodies. A rope, handcuffs, and some other miscellaneous items. I hear a whistle and a quick come here. Crawling over, because I didn’t get the permission to walk. He keeps motioning for me.

Getting over to him knowing how deep my bondage whore ways linger. I am instructed to turn around with my hands behind my back. The rope is slithering around my skin. He stands up and pulls me up by some of the rope work he did. Facing him he grabs a riding crop and slaps my tits. Knowing I need to please him. I don’t wince or anything. He slaps harder and I try not to make a face. A hard hand grabs my tit and he lets me know I am a good pet.

I love when he manhandles me in the worst way

Being bent over the chair. Spreading my legs with my hands still tied behind my back. The riding crop spanking my pussy. This feels incredible. He tells me to beg. I need to be the best bondage whore and beg like my life depends on it. In a cracking raspy voice. I beg him to slap harder. I let him know how much of a pain slut I am. He comes up behind me and grabs my ass. He puts his fingers with my fishnets in my pink hole. I don’t have the right to get off. If you like a submissive who needs little to no training call me for your fantasy.