New to the massage scene? Have you ever experienced a deep prostate massage while on the table? If so, was it a surprise?

NURU massage, tantra massage, and four hands rub down. We all love to touch, but when it’s deep and probing. My newest client told me a little story of his weekend adventure. I will say this, I’m jealous. Not of what happened, but that I wasn’t there to watch him get his first finger in his ass.

On his stomach, oil all over, she shocked him when her fingers traced his ass crack. Not expecting to get finger fucked, but never asked her to stop. He was always too scared to even imagine this, but now, he’s addicted. He even said he had the best orgasm of his entire life when she pushed that finger in and out of his asshole


I have never heard a man so excited to have his asshole penetrated before. This man couldn’t want for another trip to the adult xx rated massage parlor. I asked him if he came during this, and he said it was the best orgasm. She gave him a reach around and stroked his cock to completion. All over the table, he blew his load.

I wish she would have made him eats his own cum, but baby steps. We don’t want to scare him away just yet. Our prostate massage therapy session brought him some sweet relief in the form of a jack off session.

Anything and everything goes with me. I love when my callers share their stories, but better than that. I love to help them bust the best nut possible, Do you think that you’re ready for a massage of your own? Let me help you find the perfect one for all your twisted needs