Kidnapping fantasy, why did he tell me about this if he didn’t plan on me making it come true? I am the kind of girl that makes things like this happen. Bad things.

Arranging for a cabin for the weekend, he wouldn’t know what hit him. Everything had been set in motion for us to take him there, and get his ass and throat used over and over, or until he decided to submit fully to me. I am nowhere the Dominate that others are, but if you really ruffle my feathers, I can be the nightmare you’ll never forget. Tied in the trunk, he brought into the cabin and sat on the bed. Fear was setting in because till the moment I opened my mouth, he didn’t know who had taken him.

“Your kidnapping fantasy is about to become a reality.”

Four men showed up for the weekend. All very well hung, and black. I knew he was mad about his wife cheating with a black man, so I made sure that all the studs were chocolate. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he didn’t want any part of this. He wanted released right now. His Kidnapping fantasy suddenly became real.

“Let me fucking go. The joke is over. I can’t do this!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and point to his dick. he was rock hard, and leaking pre-cum already. How amusing that he wanted to be set free, but he was already primed and ready. We used him over and over that weekend. His asshole took cock over 15 times, and his throat, well, I lost count there. He swallowed 10 loads. Could have been a little more though. My thoughts about having a fantasy are, Do not tell me you have a kidnapping fantasy if you don’t wish to play the game! Furthermore, never underestimate me.