incest fantasy

A incest fantasy can be played out in many ways. Whether it is father and daughter, Uncle and niece, or anything else, it’s incredible and hot. Mine happens to be a cut above the rest. Bordering on sick and twisted if I am being honest about it. A family of daughters who all desire to soak up the seeds of their father. Can you imagine anything better?

Daddy wanted all girls. The boys are sent away to live with strangers. If I bear a male child, it must be given up for adoption. He has no desire in men, just the tight walls of his precious little angels. Such a good Father to take great care of the littlest ones in the family.

Twelve little fantasy fucks all running around and ready to breed. Some of them are carrying already, but most of them wait for the right night and the ceremony to begin. A girl is cleansed before the act. All of her sisters wash her from head to toes. She is dressed in a white gown and brought into the bedroom for Dad. The one thing he allows is all of her sisters to be there and hold her hand with he pushes the incest fantasy cock inside of her virgin pussy. All clap and cheer for her.

Our incest fantasy family is so loving.

Blood must soak her gown and the sheets. If for some reason it doesn’t, she is not worthy of our Father. I remember when that happened. A girl didn’t bleed for him. Daddy was so mad. He said she was a whore and sent her outside to be used by all of his friends. There were five oversized males waiting to plunge her full of their seed. We never seen her again. I guess she was sold to the highest bidder that night. Hence,  It happens to all families, right?

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