Do you believe that women are superior to men? In my giantess world they are. Standing 80 feet tall, the women who reside with me walk all over the men who visit our world. Control! Dominance! Servitude! You will never be the same once I wrap you up in my sick and twisted mind. 

When you arrive at my island of beautiful women, you will be stripped of everything. You need nothing but to serve us. I am the Queen, and you are only a man who can’t please a woman in the conventional way.  Well maybe a woman, but not a Goddess. I only keep perfection here with me. An Island of lesbian woman who toy with men when were bored.

A human fuck toy. Forcing you inside of our pussies like the dildo you are. When you spasm it’s pure pleasure. I love feeling the life slip away from you. I will save you, but not till I cum. You better make it quick, or your death will by by my clenching cunt walls.

A Goddess Giantess is always in charge.

Passed around like a childs toy, you will be used for our pleasure. It will never be about you. When a woman like us wants a man, we take it without asking. So many needs, but if you know me, you know that I am a very demanding bitch.

It’s a woman’s world, and you are only a puppet on our strings. Can you run> Or will the Giantess women force you to your knees and to pleasure us. Whether I use you for tit fucking, cunt plunging, or ever and little oral delights. I will always own all of you after today. Don’t make me squish you like a cockroach against the wall. I am the one in charge. Never forget that.