I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist. Whether showing off in a club, or even at the grocery store when shopping, I love attention. My body’s made to view, not cover.

When a friend of mine suggested I go to the club with her recently, I was all over that. What she didn’t tell me till we arrived, was I was the entertainment. Well, part of it at least. It would be amateur night and stripping for cash for the pay. I love the way money feels on my perfect body. From large tips, to happy endings, I love it all.

Exhibitionist loves to dance.

The crowd was huge, and I am never scared of a challenge. Dressed in a sex little outfit, I iced my nipples for attention. I wanted my big breasts to win me the cash prize of a grand. With my small buds hard, I am sure to win.

The moment I took the stage, it was game on. My eyes closed and my body moves to the music. I will admit I am stunning naked, but not so fast. I prefer the slow approach, plus, I wanted all the money. As I moved my sultry body, the twenty’s and hundreds hit the stage. I don’t get the dollars. We can save those for the ugly girls.

They would judge by the amount of tips earned. I was soon in the thousand range, and to be honest, I loved it. It’s not about the money for me, but the game. You can’t hate me unless you hate the way it’s played.

Watch me be an exhibitionist.

Did I win or lose? I think we both know that already. Arianna never loses a bet or a man. My charm is smoother than creamy peanut butter. Twice as tasty too!