Daddy-Daughter fantasy, he had the thoughts of so much deviance rush through him. The moment he found out a daughter was on the way, his dick got hard. Even the time he spent inside of his wife during the pregnancy filled him with carnal thoughts. Was he giving her a shower each time he came inside? Did all expectant Fathers feel the same way?

His little girl, that rosie cheeked little Angel had just walked in the door. She was perfection. The miniature version of her Mother. A face lacking the lines of stress and age. Something so innocent that his heart hurt. What would happen if a Man hurt her? Broke her heart and jaded her. Destroyed is what he would be.  That was the moment he planned on being her one and only. The Man of her dreams.

Daddy-Daughter fantasy is for the protection on the young.

She would become his girlfriend, his lover, and his wife. All against the law, but in their house it was legal. Taken from school that day and home schooled, her time spent with the love of her Father at all times. First thing first. She would need to be claimed. My cock sought out her innocence, the screams of pain brought me so much pleasure. Her tiny body quivering and tightening as it accepted the seed. She would not be pregnant this time, but within the year, she would carry my child.

His wife was not on board with this at first, but as the days went by, she could see that his love was so real for their own. She knew that he was right when he told her no one would hurt her. Sometimes the real test to a marriage is accepting your Mates dreams. She accepted his Daddy-Daughter fantasy and is now a huge supporter of the cause.