My blog series is long overdue. It consists of how I took a male on the brink of destruction to a level he craved. He sat in silence wanting to be a female, but knowing it would never happen. That’s where I came in. I make the impossible, possible.

“Arianna, please, I need you so much, but you can’t tell a soul!”

We were setting down for tea when the confession came. I knew there was something off about him, but till he started confessing it all, I had been in the dark.

“Ever since I can remember I snuck into my Mother and sisters room to steal things. You know, female things. I took panties at first. Never sniffed them, I wore them. I then took their bras and pantyhose. I got caught once in my teen years. Lying I said I was curious and wanted to learn how to take a bra off my girlfriend. They believed it, or so I thought.”

My blog series will be confessions of my barbie transformation.

“The first time I completely dressed, I was just starting high school. My parents had gone away for the weekend and I knew I could walk around for 2 days like a woman. Well, if I didn’t leave the house. I never left the house like that. I never will either. I’m too afraid of being judged and condemned.”

This is where he was wrong. I would be changing him completely and making him my own personal Barbie doll. Perfect tits, perfect face, and my creation. I set a room in my house for him, and invited him to stay. At first there was fear, but as you will see in this blog series, there would finally be acceptance to change. I made sure that he could never return to his prior life. When done, life would be completely as it should of been.