Blackmail is so taboo, so dirty, yet enticing all at the same time. I never once thought that I would succumb to the desire. My brother brought out the worst in me, but when he found my secret, heaven help me.

All my life, I have wanted one thing. To fuck my father right there in the courtroom. Suck his cock till he dropped the gavel and exploded down my throat. Little did I know that my brother read my diary. My a fantasy from times past, but believe me, you won’t ever forget it.

I sat alone in my room, my sunkissed legs hung over the edge of the bed. It was 10 pm on a Friday, but I was home alone, or so I thought. My parents have a game of gin every Friday with a group of couples. I always love when they have them at our house. The scent of cigars has turned me on ever since the first time I saw my father smoking one. He always had his sent from Cuba through a “connection.” I think that was a fancy way of he got them from someone he convicted. I bet they got less time for that.

Does my daddy blackmail people into getting what he wants?

It didn’t happen overnight for my brother. I’m sure he didn’t wake up one day and decide, “I will blackmail my sister today.” The way it happened had to come from an xxx-porn. It was so dirty. I didn’t know he watched over my shoulder as I wrote my secret desires in my diary.

“You little whore. You want to fuck your father!”

He laughed in a mechanical tone as he rubbed his dick with one hand and pointed with the other. He was aiming that finger directly at me. I knew he would tell, but he didn’t. Instead, he closed the door and unzipped his pants. With tears rolling down my face, I did what he asked. My knees would have carpet burns. I hated him so much at that moment. Slapping me in the face with the head of his cock, smearing stains of cum over my cheek. My once loving brother was playing a game of blackmail.

Precum and tears made for good lubricating. He was going in my mouth that night. It was brutal the way he spat in my face and called me filthy names. I never would forgive him for filling my mouth with a massive glob of saliva and pushing it down with his cock. He was disgusting, and his actions beyond okay. I never knew things like this could exist. All my journal said was I wanted Daddy to kiss me on the lips and touch my boobies.

Throat fucking his own sister’s mouth, I gagged and choked, crying out with a stifled moan. Blackmail was brutal, but I learned never to leave my diary out where he could find it again.

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