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Welcome to the playground of the sick and depraved. Let the sins begin once the doors to my private lair are closed. A few things you should know about this Wanton Temptress are that you will never hear the word NO, come from my lips. This is the one place that there will be no judgement, no denials, and you can let all of the freaky fantasies you have run wild. When my finger wiggles, follow me down to the dark side of the phone sex world. There is nothing that I wont do, but always know that the tables can be turned on you at any time. I will make you addicted to this voice, my body, and the creativity that flows each time my mouth opens.

Being the daughter of a Judge, I grew up in a very strict household, but it’s not like many would think. My Daddy had a fetish for his little girl and the more attention I gave him, the more he moved up in the judicial system. One of my fondest memories was sitting there listening to a hearing and each time my Father would smack the gavel, my pussy would get wet. See I was, and am addicted to pleasing a very powerful Man. The more power they have, the more the possibility of making me cum with words alone. Are you skilled orally? I don’t mean your tongue in my pussy, but the way you verbally make love to me is all I really desire.

What do you get when you spend some time with Arianna? Anything and everything your heart desires. Some of my areas of expertise: CBT, Tease and Denial, GFE, Girl next door, BBC, Oral, Anal, Small dick humiliation, Rape fantasies, Snuff fantasies, and oh so much more. That is just a brief view of some of my favorites so if you didn’t see yours, ask. We will make this journey to the dark side together.

No matter what the need, desire, kink, or fetish, I will do it, and do it well!